Building A Brand: A Step-By-Step Brand Strategy for Your IT Company

Want to know what a slight difference between successful and unsuccessful companies is? This blog is all about having a successful brand building strategy for an IT company.

With the help of an example of one of the world’s top 7 brand—SAMSUNG—we will tell you what a brand is and how one can get that name and fame.

3 Steps to Building a Brand Strategy

STEP 1: Explain Why We Started

The way your company verbalizes is the primary step in effective brand building. Focus on the words you use and how they resonate with the audience.
This is the golden circle. The powerful companies tell us from the core of the circle. Samsung shows its fundamental beliefs before selling its products.

The audience buys why you do it, not what you do
  • For example, ask yourself why you wake up in the morning and go to school or the office, Let people know why your company exists and why you want to serve them.

Step 2: Visual Representation Of Your Brand

Your design elements, such as website images, brochures, logos, and business cards, have their own emotions, so learn about them before you decide on your IT company logo. Learn the meaning of colours like pink produces a sense of femininity, red is urgency, yellow is warning, white is divine, etc.

Other than colors – lines, size, texture, typography, shapes, and texture put life in your logo and spread the message among the people from your brand’s design.

A minor difference between horizontal and vertical lines gives a different message. Vertical lines stand for masculinity, while horizontal lines are for bringing satisfaction.


  • Get a style guide (a written guide) and outline your brand so that content developed for your firm is consistent with the shapes, fonts, colors, and tone of voice your brand prefers.

Step 3: Vocalization Of The Brand

Vocalizing your brand simply means putting it in front of potential customers. Your IT company needs to have influential tools in place to showcase your brand to your investors.

For instance, in 2018, Cisco experienced an immense re-branding of all its platforms. Cisco’s websites include a brand book citing their vision for the company and look too.

The company made their brand’s personality easy to comprehend for stakeholders and investors with all other e-assets. The company’s new tagline is “bridge to possible.” It made them one of the most revolutionary IT companies in the market.

Upgrade your website from time to time, put in advanced features, and make it easy to navigate so that anyone can explore your website excitingly.

An Informative Content

Not even a single IT company can deny that their brand is their company’s personality today. It is the content you prepare, the colours you use, the features you elect, and your presence both online and offline. In 2022, the brand value of Samsung has been $53.1 billion and the revenue has been $221.6 billion because they know how to vocalize, visualize, and verbalize their company.

Wrapping Up

Advertising and marketing are two aspects of one coin. The information technology sector involves vigilant planning if you want to allow your business to grow and beat the tough competition.

At Meghsundar Private Limited we’ll help you plan your brand building strategy because everything you say, do, and stand for is built on and influenced by your brand. Don’t hesitate, contact us if you want to talk about your current situation in business, intensify your voice and take your IT company to its apex.