E-Commerce App Development In India

The rapid increase of e-commerce stores has made everything easier for users worldwide. But do you think that having an e-commerce website is enough to attract customers and generate leads? Mobile e-commerce applications are altering the way people shop online. An app development company can help you build an e-commerce application to stay one step ahead in the retail sector.

Today we are here to reveal what makes users shop through mobile apps and why you should for an app development company for ecommerce app development. Let’s start

E-commerce website is enough to attract customers and generate leads?

1) Enhanced Brand Awareness

One of the main reasons for picking an app development company is increased brand recognition. The company helps you build an e-commerce mobile app, which helps brands connect with their consumers.

Small screens generally make users annoyed. In fact, approximately 32% of users uninstall an app if they don’t find it easy to explore. Therefore, businesses should design a top-quality and easy-to-use application for their users.

2) Marketing Communication In An Improved Version

With mobile devices today, users stay connected with businesses 24*7. Such mobile gadgets have improved the way customers meet brands, shop, and get information. Most customers are increasingly using mobile devices to make online purchases.

So, it has become vital for brands or businesses to incorporate such gadgets into their marketing strategies. This will help in boosting the level of interaction between consumers and brands. Mobile commerce is also used to offer coupons, discounts, and deals to consumers more effectively.

3) Increased Customer Experience

Blending the strength of evolving technologies such as VR & AR, artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc. with an ecommerce app, you’ll be able to get valuable insights related to your customers, like

  • What do the customers prefer?
  • What time do customers generally like to shop online?
  • And how much time do customers take to make a buying decision?

Once you get the answer to all these questions, you can offer your customers an optimised and good shopping experience to boost your sales.

4) Improved Customer Engagement

Take advantage of your users devices by integrating the features of your consumer’s phone with your app to increase customer engagement and simplify navigation.


Many brands today allow customers to take pictures of bought items and upload them to social media accounts via apps or stores. This allows you to show the products in reality, which may increase the possibility of a fruitful sale.

GPS (Global Positioning System):

It allows an app to grab the consumer’s current location. To avoid feeding shipping details manually, you can add features that geo tag the customer’s address.


You can facilitate your customers’ a microphone to speak about what they are searching for to simplify their search process.

5) Higher Conversion Rate

As an e-commerce business owner, you might be thinking, “Why do I need a mobile application?” The answer is “higher conversion rates.” It is understandable that when users purchase online, they seek a smooth buying process, and you can actually fulfil their wish by using a mobile application.

By hiring an app development company, you can add some more features to your mobile application.

Read below

  • The application collects all the information customers need, such as shipping and payment info, for easy checkout
  • Apps use features of devices like cameras to easily place orders.
  • With ecommerce apps, you can integrate wallet applications to make the checkout process easier.

6) Increase In The Average Order Value

It is not easy to point out what inspires users to spend more while buying from an e-store. Here are a few factors that may help you.

Push Notifications:

It informs users about sales, great deals, special discounts, and when the item will be available in stock.

Easy Payment:

You may offer various payment modes. Allow customers to add any card (debit, credit, EMI) they want for fast transactions.

One-Click Ordering:

The simple layout of the applications makes the checkout process easier. You can offer your consumers one button as a single-click ordering option.

7) Upsurge Retention Rates

Let’s cover a few effective ways to swell client retention with your e-commerce application.

Exclusive Content:

You can implement the offers that are only available via the mobile app.

Reward System:

Conduct loyalty programs to make customers visit again. Keep it in the form of points or free coins that they can use to purchase any item, and give them access to a new season collection and great deals on their upcoming purchases.

Advanced Support:

Establish proper communication between your store and customers. Rather than opting for the desktop version, customers should be provided solutions to their problems in the application via live chat or chatbot or call.

Better efficiency:

A better mobile application development with the right concept, functionality and app development company can lure more customers and the same way more customers lead to more orders, which in turn generate revenues. Additionally, with push notifications, business can provide details to their customers and convince them to place orders imperiality.

Final Words

We know that it is not cake of piece for every ecommerce store to touch the height, but still, you should get every chance that may help in completing the business goals. Read all the aforementioned reasons to recruit app development company to design mobile applications. Those reasons will really help you in the future. You may get help of a leading ecommerce app development company like Meghsundar Pvt Ltd. to get your work done without worries.