Mobile Traffic Vs Desktop Traffic Now-A-Days

April 10 2021 |

A Quick Definition Of Desktop And Mobile Traffic

Before getting into the article, we want to clearly define the difference between mobile & desktop traffic.

Desktop Traffic – It is web surfing done from your laptop or computer.

Mobile Traffic – It is web surfing done from your tablet or smartphone.

Mobile Traffic Vs Desktop Traffic: The Increase In Mobile Surfing

Everyone knows mobile devices have become a core element of our everyday life. As per research, the average person uses their smartphone every 12 mins. People between the ages of 18 to 24 spend around 3 hours every day browsing social media using smartphones.

Most importantly, this mobile device addiction is having a major effect on how businesses receive web traffic. Mobile web surfing has gradually boosted as desktop web traffic has gradually declined.

Mobile Traffic Vs Desktop Traffic: Time Spent On Website

According to a study, mobile receives more traffic globally while desktop users spend more time on websites. Due to which many users choose their phones to collect particular information and their desktops for time-spending research.

The average person spends takes around 4 minutes on a website when using their smartphone while the person takes 8 mins when on a desktop. It means sales conversion rates are higher on desktops as compared to mobile phones.

Mobile Traffic Vs Desktop Traffic: The Data

At present, the mobile phone traffic market share goes by 49% than that of desktop traffic at 47%. Even, the tablets take the remaining 4% of web traffic. In India, mobile traffic makes around 76% of all website traffic, that too, without the 5G network. Mobile traffic is anticipated to boost in the coming years specifically with the usage of 5G.


Both desktop and mobile traffic is indispensable for any business. Each has its advantage and disadvantages and focusing on any one of them, for now, would be wrong. Finally, mobile traffic will overtake desktop traffic worldwide, but you should be ready. There are about 4 times more mobile users than desktop users, so optimizing your site for mobile usage is important.

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