Progressive Web App (PWA)

May 31 2021 |

Progressive Web App (PWA)

PWA (Progressive Web App) is developed from web technologies including JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Its "smart additions" feature helps you alter any website into a progressive web app. This means you can develop a PWA in the place of a native app that is fairly difficult to develop.Additionally, you can offer all the characteristics of native applications like offline support, push notification, and so on.The best & live examples of Progressive web applications are – You can download this application on your Android/iPhone, even can add it to the home screen. Now on opening Twitter, you’ll notice that it performs and looks like a native application.PWAs are gaining popularity and many big websites are PWAs such i.e.,,, and are installable on the home screen and give an equal experience to their native apps.

Difference B/W Native App And Progressive Web App

Progressive Web App

It allows users to work offline, view screen–responsive pages, and get notifications. PWAs work well whether users have a bad internet connection or don’t have at it all.

Native App

A native app is developed for a specific mobile device (tablets and Smartphones). Users can install them directly on their mobile devices. This app is found on specific marketplaces or online stores like App Store and Google Play.

Advantages Of PWA

Advantages Of PWA

PWAs are a great addition to your mobile toolkit. They are prompt, work offline, and perform like a native application. In a nutshell, they offer your users a delightful experience. Engaged users are somewhere satisfied users, right?

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