Tips & Use Of Perfect And Fast Typing

March 14 2021 |

Tips & Use Of Perfect And Fast Typing

Do you want to earn money simply sitting at home? Are you a student who wishes to learn typing? Well, here all your problems related to poor typing skills are going to solve. Read this article, to learn typing skills accurately and fast. You will also get to know the career opportunity in the typing field as well.

Remember, only one-day typing doesn't make you expert as it takes some time and as you practice regularly you familiar with it. Don't discourage yourself!

Here are some pointers to learn typing skills accurately and swiftly, check below-

1. Correct Beginning Position

To begin, keep your fingers properly over the home row keys (the right hand over the J, k, L, &; keys), and the left hand over A, S, D, F keys) and place your thumb over the space bar. Now from here, you have to move your fingers to reach neighboring keys .i.e., G – from the right & H – from the left. Again keep your hands in the starting position.

Keeping your finger on the middle row keys, you can slowly place fingers on upper row keys (the right hand over the Q, W, E, R, & T) and (the left hand over the P, O, I, U, & Y).

The same thing applies to bottom row keys (the right hand over the Z, X, C, & V) and (the left hand over the M (,) (.) (/).

To know more basic typing skills, you can simply search on the Google 'Touch Typing Practice'.

2. Maintain Posture

Keep your wrists at the same level as the keyboard for the better movement of fingers over the keys. When you see the screen, it is important to tilt your head down slightly. Your eyes should be about 45 to 70 cm from the screen. When practicing typing skills always focus on your screen.

3. Practice, Practice & Practice!

To get your typing speed, and accuracy, you require to practice regularly. There are many software and websites that offer free typing skills practice and tests, like How To Type, Typing Club, Typing Master Pro, and Typing Academy. Trust your typing skill as it will improve naturally and depends on practice hours.

Use Of Perfect & Fast Typing

What is the career in the typing field? We have an answer to your question, check below-

1. Translation

Are you familiar with more than one language or speak it? Then become a translator. The translator takes audio and written files from one language and interprets them into another language.

2. Freelance/Content Writers

All you need is practice and a proper skill of writing articles, blogs, social media updates, and more. This is a decent way of making money, and it needs a good typing speed.

3. Editors And Proofreaders

If you are familiar with English or any language you can kick off your career as proofreaders or editors. Re-correcting others' articles and converting in your own language needs fast typing skills.

4. Transcriptionists

Are you an accurate and fast typist? Do you possess excellent listening skills? Then consider becoming transcriptionists. It is a work of listening to audio notes and transcribing them into written documents. Many government jobs hire candidates who possess fast and accurate typing skills.


So now you know why it is necessary to learn typing and how you can turn this skill into a profession. Typing is not rocket science, you only have to do is practice regularly. You will soon familiar with keyboard keys and eventually learn to type without looking down the keys.

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