Website Vs SEO Optimized Website

December 07 2020 |

Website Vs SEO Optimized Website

If you run a website, obviously you know how it is important that the site is optimized to produce sales or leads and attract traffic

Many of us think that only building a website with unique content will automatically generate traffic. But it’s not true at all. After the booming success of SEO in recent years, should you think about SEO when building a website? So, the answer is yes.

In This Article, We Will Read On Website Vs SEO Optimized Websites.

SEO – Its full form is Search Engine Optimization, which is the effective method of boosting the quality and quantity of traffic to your site via organic search engine results.

1. Website Vs SEO Optimized Website: Optimized Content For Conversions & Rankings

Websites generally focus on having unique content on all the pages while SEO optimized website needs rankings and conversions. It can be a little paragraph or a hundred words, depending on the page requirements. Search engine optimized content is particularly relevant to what searchers are finding and optimized to act well in the search engines.

2. Website Vs SEO Optimized Website: Tile And Description Tags For Clicks

When it comes to a website without optimization, every page will have a unique description and title that is appropriate to each page it is on. The description and title tags play an important role when a website is optimized. Not only putting keywords in the tags but also using attractive language that engages the visitors is imperative.

3. Website Vs SEO Optimized Website: URLs That Chase The Navigation Routes

A website ensures all URLs are readable and simple. While, search engine optimization takes the URLs one-step ahead. Keeping URLs connected with your navigation route can affect how your URL shows in the search results, which can impact click rates.

4. Website Vs SEO Optimized Website: Eliminate Duplicate Content

A website will be built in a way that replicates content won’t be an issue in the search engine algorithms while SEO-optimized websites cut the replicate content. It is always better to eliminate duplicate content to shun possible factors than to send signals that the search engines will follow.

Apart from this, a content writer has important role in generating the traffic. Consider this factor when creating website is important because content writer put high volume keywords in the content and has the ability to produce genuine content.


Anyone can create a website but far fewer can build a website that reliably generates conversions. You need your audience for the conversion at much higher rates. And to do so, you need to know your audience closely and provide them what they expect and require.

SEO comes first if you want to generate traffic on your website and don’t want the person to just poke around & leave the site. Without traffic, you cannot have conversions. Build a website with sticky and unique content and ample opportunities for visitors to convert.

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