Customized Cloudbased ERP

Custom web development tailors websites or applications to specific client needs, offering unique features and a personalized user experience. It involves building solutions from scratch, allowing for greater flexibility, scalability, and alignment with individual business requirements.

Streamline Your Business Operations In A Matter Of Days

We are known to be a leading Custom ERP Software development company in India, delivering custom-made solutions to your digital and business needs. Our enthusiastic in-house development team ensures that no steps are left behind while developing your software. Our custom ERP software development cycle goes through several processes, including gathering data, designing, developing, deploying, maintaining, and testing. We also listen to your business requirements so that every process advantage turns into an engaging experience.

What you get from Meghsundar?

Complete Ownership

Our personalized custom ERP software development ensures you have all the tools you need. Thus, you do need to buy annual licenses and deal with bloatware from ready-made solutions.

Innovation & Flexibility

Our ERP solutions are crafted by a seasoned squad of experts who blend industry norms with innovative solutions. We bring in products that are sure to go beyond your expectations.

Competitive Advantage

Our dedicated team is well aware of building the perfect digital product for your industry, specific business, and niche market. This peculiar infusion needs detailed services that other firms may provide.

Technology Independence

We never upsell you on particular software packages or other personalized Custom ERP development services. Instead, we focus on your project and use stack grouping to overcome your challenges.

Our Broad Range Of ERP Customization Services

Personalized Enterprise Application Development

Using cutting-edge technologies and development tools, our skilled developers provide a wide range of enterprise app development services, such as custom ERP development, and CRM development, mobile app development, e-commerce solutions, cloud computing solutions, and so on.

SaaS Application Solutions

We specialize in providing SaaS applications that are both user-friendly and interactive, utilizing the latest web technologies. This allows our clients to implement these solutions into their businesses with ease, resulting in a more efficient and effective workflow.

Ecommerce Application Development

We offer a complete suite of eCommerce development services, from website design and development to shopping cart integration and payment gateway integration. We also offer customization and theme development services to help you create an online store that is in line with your brand identity.

Legacy Application Modernization

Our dedicated team is well aware of building the perfect digital product for your industry, specific business, and niche market. This peculiar infusion needs detailed services that other firms may provide.

Third-Party Integration

We leave an additional option for integration if you want to use it in the future or need refurbishing for current models. We empower you to have full possession of every project and product we complete.

24x7 Support

ERP customization solutions cover the full range of customer needs, from modernization to integrations to migration and a 24×7 excellent customer support facility. You matter to us!

What you get from Meghsundar?

Step 1 :

Document your requirements, take inventory of your current hardware and software systems, and identify your business processes and integration needs.

Step 2 :

an executable plan for your ERP implementation based on the results of your discovery phase. Outline the business processes and workflows.

Step 3 :

Next, we do the coding, debugging, and testing of the software solution. Focus on the quality of the code during this stage and invest in comprehensive testing.

Step 4 :

Make sure that all the components are running properly and that there are no issues with the functionality of the system.

Step 5 :

Provide user support and manage the system’s performance so that it continues to work as designed.

ERP Modules

Human Resource Management

Manage personnel records, track employee payroll and benefits, monitor employee performance, and ensure compliance with labor laws.

Supply Chain Management

Handle the planning, scheduling, and execution of activities throughout a supply chain, including the sourcing of raw materials, production, and delivery of finished products.

Project Management

Monitor and control the various tasks and activities associated with a project. Schedule resources, track costs, monitor risks, and resolve any issues that arise.

Sales And Distribution Management

Manage a company’s sales and distribution activities, including such activities as customer order management, shipping, product promotions, and returns.

Inventory Management

Track and monitor stock levels, manage stock replenishment, and conduct inventory audits. Help with pricing, forecasting, and cost analysis

Financial Management

Accounts payable and receivable, tax calculation, tracking expenses, analyzing financial data, optimizing business decisions, cash flow management, and general ledger

Customer Relationship Management

Gather information on customers, simplify customer usage tracking, track leads, sales, and marketing campaigns, and improve customer service.

Virtual Assistants For Customers

Notifications on low inventory levels, update customer data, and capture data on order shipment.

Data Analytics And BI

Full data analysis and visualization tools to track, measure, and improve the performance of every business department.

Document Management

Storage for several document types, document templates, document navigation, and document sharing


Real-Time Data Reporting, Data Entry Access Control, Schedule Backup, User Profile Setting, Access Log Report, Period Locking, Financial Year Opener and Closer, etc.

Subcontract Management

Material issues to the job work vendor via multiple challans, actual compensation vs. standard consumption, scrap return, substitute item concept, and so on are all examples of material issues.

Point Of Sale

Invoice Reprint, QR Code and Bar Code Integration, Multiple Outlet Management, Invoice Reprint, Schemes and Promotions, Promotional Discounts, User-Wise Shorts, etc.

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